An architectural thesis that became an artscarf serie.

The subject; Pandemic Architecture, A project of a flexible neighborhood adapted to the post-pandemic needs and exigences. The entire project is based on 2 spatial notions; the void and the soild, through the architectural design concept of modularity. The research was born from 6 conceptual paintings.

3 artscarfs who derive from this research. They represent a real space, they create it, they reflect it. CHÒROS; the scarf itself is a chòros. It creates solids and voids. The rest of the expression is the transition, the human scale.

This serie represents a personal path that has just finished so an other can start. It reflects all the feelings, the positive and the negative ones during the try.

Ουδέν κακόν, αμιγές καλού; no evil, pure good. Is the frase that could sum it up. And it is bidirectional, works for my personal path as well as for the pandemic -crisis- situation.